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RuggON and Doosan Mobility Innovation Announce New Partnership

November 22 , 2021

We are extremely happy as we announce a new business partner for our company, Doosan Mobility Innovation. Based in Seoul, South Korea, Doosan Mobility Innovation is a provider of UAV solutions to clients. With active presence in well-known UAV industry, Doosan Mobility Innovation today serves in many industries, such as agriculture, logistic, public & environment, and mining & construction.

Doosan Mobility Innovation, a leading provider of UAV system with outstanding technologies integration that make their drones are unparalleled in the field of work. Doosan Mobility Innovation focused on the mobile application of fuel cell technology; with their investment in UAV applications, we witness Doosan Mobility Innovation enable reliable, long-endurance flight and accelerating the growth of the UAV industry.

“It is my pleasure to announce that RuggON and Doosan Mobility Innovation as business partner. Through our partnership with Doosan Mobility Innovation, we believe we are offering unique and true value as well as deep insight in different industry applications. And this partnership offers strong support for our business.” said Sean Lee, Vice President of RuggON Corporation.

As RuggON continues to grow and expand, we want to offer more business value to customers. To that extent, it became abundantly apparent that RuggON, together with Doosan Mobility Innovation, are committed to stay always motivated to achieve higher customer satisfaction through intensive technology adaption, and experience in the design & delivery of impactful system enhancements according to the trend of the UAV industry. Both companies are engaged to keep the whole UAV applications always up to date.