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RuggON SOL PA501 is upgraded to Android 10

January 28 , 2021

RuggON Corporation, the leading rugged computing solutions provider, has taken the lead in upgrading its flagship Android GMS-certified rugged tablet SOL PA501 to Android 10 to better serve users and enterprises with forward-looking OS features that promise more advanced enterprise-grade security and improved battery consumption while also keeping connectivity, device management, and rugged standards at its best.

Google Mobile Services

Providing commonly used Google apps such as Maps, Drive, and Search that appeal to user behavior, SOL PA501 is also available with Google APIs that are at enterprises convenience to develop customized apps that suit enterprises specific workflows and applications.  

Impenetrable Security

Supporting WPA-2 Enterprise with Android 10, SOL PA501 rest assures enterprises with non-hackable encryption method that auto-change the invisible encryption key on a regular basis. The OS further enhances data exchange privacy through the adoption of TLS 1.3, preventing traffic analysis and participant identity disclosure from the inception.     

Long-lasting Operations

SOL PA501 has been proud of its fast-charging and hot-swap battery design to knock out unwanted downtime. Now with Android 10, users of SOL PA501 can further leverage the OS’s inherent dark theme feature to conserve battery consumption for prolonged operating hours.  

Record-proven Connectivity

Boasting of its dual-sim design that allows for swift switch between carriers for strong and stable signal, SOL PA501 is further equipped with a full range of communication technologies including Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, 4G LTE, and optional built-in NFC to ensure an always connected network while also with the abilities to support satellite systems, advanced location feature, and global emergency services.

Intuitive Device Management 

Preinstalled with in-house DashON for battery health monitoring and easy setup configuration including but not limited to touch lock and button setting, SOL PA501 further supports RuggOTA for remotely centralized firmware and software updates.

Fortified Ruggedness

As the survivor of the fittest in its class, SOL PA501 has passed the ultra-rigid military standard MIL-STD 461G that checks radiated emission, susceptibility, and electromagnetic compatibility for non-interfered communication, while also withstanding shock and vibration and resistant to 5 foot drop.

About RuggON

We never stop searching for inventive ways to meet the various integration and expansion demands of our customers. RuggON specializes in robust rugged mobile solutions that are highly competitive, with exceptional technical expertise. With a dedicated support and service team, we provide great flexibility and value to fulfill customer’s specific needs in vertical markets. Our relentless pursuit and passion for ground-breaking innovation, coupled with extensive industry knowledge bring superb MIT (Made in Taiwan) quality and reliability.