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Rugged Accessories.
Arm your future with impeccable solutions.
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Detachable keyboard

RuggGear RDK-501

Detachable Keyboard

Designed to meet IP54 specifications, RDK-501 is fully rugged and foldable as a notebook. With integrated backlighting that provides 4 levels of brightness, RDK-501 also comes with an intergrated touchpad and supports keyboard layouts in different languages.

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Hard Handle RuggON

RuggGear RSK-HS01

Hard Handle

RSK-HS01 serves as a stand and is available to carry a tablet around, in and off a vehicle, or on a factory floor.

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4 bay battery charger

RuggGear RSK-BC400

4 bay battery charger

The RSK-BC400 features clear LED indicators for charging status, and supports up to 4 batteries. Each bay is supportive of both standard and extended battery.

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Find the rugged accessories based on your product choice

Rextorm PX-501

10.1”Fully Rugged Tablet

RuggVMC VM-521

10.4” Rugged Vehicle Terminal

RuggVMC MT7000

7”Mobile Data Terminal

RuggVMC MT7010

7” Mobile Data Terminal