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RuggON 10-Inch SOL PA501B Rugged Tablet Now with Android 11 And GMS Certificated

April 25 , 2022

RuggON 10" rugged tablet SOL PA501B is leading upgraded with Android 11 operating system and Google GMS certificated, and it delivers a wealth of helpful features to enterprise more security and control for IT and users.  The latest version of Android is dedicated to helping enterprise workflow and efficient task accomplishments, making tablet easier to manage information, connected devices, privacy settings during the weekday’s busy works.

Extreme Tolerance, Longevity and GMS Certificated

SOL PA501B is designed and built to withstand the most abuse!  Thanks to PA501B’s tough exteriors, SOL assisted many enterprises not just the tasks accomplishments, and from the perspective of asset management, PA501B did assisted from spending more money getting devices repaired or replaced. Certified by Google to meet stringent enterprise-focused requirements, adding an extra level of quality assurance for our customers.
Since PA501B is built to power through whatever wear and tear the users throw at it and equipped with Android 11 would play a more powerful and better operative-friendly device to the enterprises.

Improving Fleet Management’s Tasks Execution Efficiency

Fleet management digitization today are increasingly adopting technology to improve the availability and efficiency of assets and driver safety. The SOL PA501B with Android 11 can work wirelessly with vehicles that support Android Auto, which isa car-friendly interface; it simplified the screen on the information display to drivers while driving a car and allow quick access to apps such as navigation and messages.
Android Auto assists drivers bringing voice-activated commands to vehicles. This feature is extremely handy for getting directions, responding to texts, checking road conditions while driving to ensure driver never have to make their eyes off the road.

File-Level Encryption and Single Authorization for Confidential Privileges

Frontline workers have special needs, include rapid unlocking in emergency situations, single authorization for one-time, extremely confidential privileges for microphone, webcam privacy, and location access, Android 11 complement those needs.
Android 11 also brought an extremely useful upgrade: file-level encryption. This eliminates the need to encrypt and decrypt an entire storage drive. This feature enables the highest levels of data privacy and security.

Security Updates

Android OS is continually to send more security and privacy update fixes to tablet via Google Play in real time, as long as there are available privacy fixes, without having to wait for a full operating system update.

Notifications Revamp Making Work Easier

Notification shade is integral to staying in touch with enterprise and frontline workers, Android 11 put a heavy emphasis on making it more organized and streamlined to assist the tasks accomplishment more efficacity.
RuggON SOL PA501B is rugged and powered 10-inch Android 11 tablets for numerous enterprise, and field applications in logistics, agriculture, warehousing management, unmanned UAV & robots, first responder tasks and port management.